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For managing your radio

Streaming Hosting

Enjoy smooth, high-quality streaming, simplified playlist and live show management, and responsive technical support.


Master the airwaves in style: our intuitive radio scheduling tool allows you to create, plan, and broadcast shows with ease.

Live Broadcasting Software

Broadcast live like a pro: discover our live broadcasting software, a powerful and intuitive tool designed to give you total control over your shows.

For a professional image with your listeners

Mobile App

Take your web radio with you everywhere: discover our radio mobile app, the ultimate sound experience at your fingertips!


Turn your ideas into reality: our website creation solution guides you step by step to design, customize, and launch your website.

Web Radio Player

Offer your audience an optimal listening experience: our Web Radio Player is designed to enhance your web radio, combining elegant design, advanced features, and performance!

For a professional antenna

Radio Chronicles

Awaken your senses and broaden your horizons with our captivating radio chronicles, a unique sonic dive to nourish your mind and curiosity!

Station Imaging

Assert your sonic identity: our station imaging service allows you to customize your web radio with jingles, voiceovers, and tailor-made effects, for a unique signature that sets you apart!

Broadcast Quality

Our platform guarantees exceptional broadcast quality, combining sound clarity, stability, and adaptability to satisfy even the most demanding ears!


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Web radio discovery solution.

27 € /month

20 € /month
Total cost for annual purchase: €240

Details :

  • 8 GB of playlist storage
  • 128 KBPS
  • 150 simultaneous listeners
  • Playlist and Live

Options :

  • Radio software (€8)
  • Website (€12)
  • Mobile app (€30)*
  • 12 radio chronicles (€12)**


Top Radio Columns solution.

52 € /month

44 € /month
Total cost for annual purchase: €528

Details :

  • 15 GB of playlist storage
  • 192 KBPS
  • 250 simultaneous listeners
  • Playlist and Live

Options :

  • Radio software (€8)
  • Website (€12)
  • Mobile app (€30)*
  • 12 radio chronicles (€12)**

Evolution PRO

Everything except the mobile application.

70 € /month

59 € /month
Total cost for annual purchase: 708 €


  • 25 GB of playlist storage
  • 192 KBPS
  • 500 simultaneous listeners
  • Playlist and Live
  • Radio software
  • Website


  • Mobile app (30€)*
  • 12 radio chronicles (€12)**
The best of Vestaradio

Radio PRO

All services and options.

100 € /month

85 € /month
Total cost for annual purchase: 1020 €

Details :

  • 40 GB of Playlist storage
  • 320 KBPS
  • 5000 simultaneous listeners
  • Playlist and Live
  • Radio software
  • Website
  • Mobile app*


  • 12 radio chronicles (€12)**
* Mobile app: Installation fee of €140 (offered for annual commitments) + opening an Apple Developer account for €99
** Radio chronicles: Only in French language
The Steps

Creating your radio

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Maybe your question already has an answer?

How long will it take to have my radio ready?

The time required to prepare and launch your web radio depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your project, available resources, and your experience in creating and managing web radios. From the logo to the website, application, and radio content, expect 1 to 2 months.

Are SACEM rights mandatory?

SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) is a French organization that manages copyright and licenses for the broadcasting of music. If your web radio is based in France and broadcasts music protected by copyright, it is generally mandatory to obtain a SACEM license to ensure compliance with the law.

SACEM manages copyright in France, but similar organizations exist in other countries. For example, in the United States, you would need to obtain licenses from BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, while in the UK, you would need a license from PRS for Music and PPL.

It is important to note that if you only broadcast royalty-free music, public domain works, or original content for which you hold the copyright, you will not need to obtain a SACEM license or similar licenses. However, it is essential to check local regulations and ensure that you are complying with all legal requirements before broadcasting music on your web radio.

The equipment needed for a web radio?

To create and manage a web radio, you will need various equipment and software. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the necessary materials and tools to set up a web radio:

  • Computer: A powerful computer with a stable internet connection is essential to manage broadcasting, audio processing, and communication with your web radio hosting service.
  • Broadcasting software: You will need broadcasting software, such as SAM Broadcaster, RadioDJ, Mixxx, or Virtual DJ, to broadcast live or pre-recorded music and manage your programming.
  • Audio interface: A high-quality external audio interface is recommended to ensure optimal audio quality and facilitate the connection of microphones and other audio equipment.
  • Microphone: A quality microphone is important for producing live audio content, such as interviews and commentary.
  • Headphones: High-quality headphones will allow you to monitor audio quality and communicate live without interfering with the broadcast.
  • Mixer: A mixer can be useful for managing multiple audio inputs, adjusting sound levels, and adding audio effects.
  • Audio recorder: An audio recorder is necessary if you want to record live content for later broadcasting or to archive your shows.
  • Cables and accessories: You will need various cables and adapters to connect your equipment, as well as microphone stands, pop filters, and acoustic isolators to improve recording quality.
  • Audio processing software: Software such as Audacity, Adobe Audition, or Pro Tools can be used for audio editing, normalization, and file conversion.

Depending on the complexity and goals of your web radio, some equipment and software may not be necessary, or you may need to invest more in professional equipment to achieve the desired level of quality.