Web Radio Statistics

Track your radio audience in real time with our detailed statistics

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Audience Measurement for Your Radio

Your web radio has a real geolocated statistics dashboard. This space allows you to easily track the progress of your audience, observe your audience peaks, and analyze this data to improve your programs based on listener satisfaction.

With our audience measurement tool, you can make informed decisions to optimize your programming and provide an even better radio experience to your audience. Follow your listeners' geographical preferences in detail and adapt your content accordingly.

Audience Interface for Your Radio


Web Radio Statistics



Real-time statistics, track your audience on the world map.


Hourly Stats

At what time do your listeners connect to your radio?


Listening Devices

From which devices do your listeners listen to you?


Average Duration

How long do your listeners typically listen to your radio?



Where are your listeners listening to you from?


Recorded Stats

Choose the start and end date to see the evolution of your audience!