Mobile application for your web radio

By having a mobile application for your web radio, you offer your listeners easier and faster access to your content.

  • Notifications and engagement

  • Monetization and revenue

  • You're in everyone's pockets

  • Podcasts and radio news

La gestion intégrale du projet

Your personalized radio application

Embark on a sonic adventure with our dedicated application, created especially for your radio, and stay connected to your community of listeners wherever you are, 24/7!

How to get the application?

You have the Radio Pro offer

Simply pay the service fees of €140, and we will open a support ticket containing the necessary information to create the application dedicated to your radio.
Take the step towards an optimal listening experience!

You are not yet a Vestaradio client?

Contact us today to set up your personalized mobile application.
Benefit from our annual license package for only €420/year and offer your audience an unprecedented and optimal listening experience!

Your questions about mobile applications

Where will the applications be available for download?

The applications will be available for download directly from the main platforms: Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. This way, your listeners can easily access your personalized radio, no matter what mobile device they use!

How long does it take for the application to be available?

Your application will be ready in no time! In just a maximum of 3 weeks, it will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store platforms, allowing your listeners to enjoy your radio wherever they are, quickly and easily.

Are there any limits on notifications?

There are no limits on notifications with us! We do not limit the number of notifications you can send to your listeners. Take advantage of this freedom to keep them informed of news, current shows, and special events to maintain their engagement and interest in your radio.

How do I add news or podcasts?

Adding news or podcasts has never been easier! Use our user-friendly client interface to manage your content and customize the colors of your application. Easily manage your radio and offer your listeners a rich and varied listening experience, directly from your client area.

How can I monetize my mobile app?

Monetize your mobile app easily by providing us with a script from your Google AdSense or AdMob account. We will integrate it directly into your application, allowing for targeted advertising to generate additional revenue and support the development of your radio.

Customizing the application

Offer your listeners an application that represents your radio thanks to our vast selection of over 50 customizable modules. And if you're still looking for more options, our team is ready to create a tailor-made application that perfectly meets your needs and vision. Express your identity and offer a unique experience to your listeners!